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ideas, ideas everywhere, not a single one to write!

Almost everyday, early morning 11 O’ clock, I wake up determined to plant a vibrant post in my blog. I skim through the TOI blogs, flip through the pages of Open, The Week, Outlook and many such magazines hoping to find an exiting topic. I read blogs after blogs only to find out the perceptions are quite predictable, the treatment is just ordinary. Then suddenly I get enlightened, I pull myself out of the blogs, threw the magazines aside and start contemplating, looking inward. I fathom deep inside me, hoping to dig out that exciting topic out of which I am going to craft that much read, much discussed blog post.

Scratching my head, walking up and down, standing beside the window watching the sky, staring on to wall for hours I waited for that topic to come out of me! Ah! How many, how many valuable hours, minutes, seconds I wasted, waiting.

Phew! What a pity!! Let all those people who said looking inward will change your destiny go to hell!

Oh no, hold on ambuz, slow down a bit, you need to consider just one point-the advocates of inward looking theory, really had something inside to look in, is it their fault that your inside holds nothing?


  1. Now don't be too hard on yourself! Zilch is a great place to begin!

  2. :)was just being sarcastic...about writing in general bloging in particular.