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Myself and My Fake Selves

From Epigraphy to stop snoring tips, I can write about anything and everything. Some days, I present myself as an Ad Guru, who lavishly gives out authentic tips on marketing small businesses effectively. I even write about the tried and tested story of a particular strategy of which I have no clue. 

Monday to Friday, 9 am-6 pm, I am busy with battery maintenance, removing rubbish, recycling the whole world's e-waste etc.Six to till I hit sack, I go around meeting/calling/connecting with people. This is the time I lecture people about a hell lot of things, again I have no clue about. Some people who know about their business ask me vital questions. There were many times, I was left to remain dumb at the end of the phone.But luck was always with me,the person always took my silence of ignorance as my humility and my willingness to listen to their own opinions.Left in such situations, I could always read the thoughts of the other and I easily, converted those crap conversations into businesses. Luck always turned such disastrous moments into vantage points and from there I know how to take the lead.

When I make a drastic mistake, I simply admit it, curse my  Malayalam medium English education and go one step further and just state that 'I have many limitations when it comes to language'. They again take it as a sign of my humility and fills the silence with a quick reply:" And that's exactly what makes you successful!." At this moment, all I have to do is sigh that fatal sigh( don't ask me which one is that).

For whatever I am now, I need to thank, just one great fellow, the inventor of Google. And let me take this opportunity to convey my gratitude and big thanks to the team behind the break-through called Google.

PS: (Sorry for giving away all the credits to Google in such a dramatic manner-I was chumma massaging Google's ego ;). My dearest friends, East or West you guys are the best.)


  1. I feel like the clients.... that your ignorance stated here is your humility. :P Hoping for more write-ups.