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A Day in the Life of a Content Writer

Every boss is like a child who never settles down for less. S/he is not happy with the ‘surplus production’; s/he always longs for ‘surplus+’ :)

I call myself an evolved content writer, not because I write evolved web content or product descriptions, but because I had many transitions in my job profile. I had tasted the hectic life of an Ad copywriter who had experienced 9 am to 3 am work schedule for more than two years and always imagined that the life of web content writer is going to be an easy one.

Curtain Raiser 

The drama starts at around 10 am (In fact its 9 am officially). I switch on my computer, check mails and then my article writing schedule. There are two battery clients and I’m fed up writing ‘basic facts’ and ‘safety tips’ for them. Agonised by the thought of writing SEO content for waste removal services, I decide to write a service page for our own website-- Travel Writing. 

Content writing before lunch 

Its 11 am. Keeping multiple browsers opened, I start surfing for information.  Extensive research is much needed you see! I identify a few keywords that give the copy the flair of a ‘travel writing service’.  I process the information and I pick up a few points and copy pasted them into the word file named Travel Writing Services. I struggle a bit writing this 300 worded service page. I reread, make a few changes here and there and send it across to my boss for review.

The review takes no time. I can make out that the boss is not really happy. She wants a service page expressing the inexplicable joys of travelling. I know I have broken many rules of content writing here. When I try to squeeze keywords into the copy, it lacks logical flow. When bring in logical flow, it either lacks keywords or jammed with excessive ones. I put aside the copy since I know that today is not the right time to write a travel writing service page.

Its lunch time!

Content writing post lunch 

After lunch and smoke, I sit contemplating which clients to choose for writing articles. I pick the battery ones. Need to write four articles, two for each. All again I put myself through the writing process- keyword identification--topic research--writing--review--editing--finally publishing it to the site and article directories like Ezine. It’s already 5.45 pm and I managed to write only three articles.  

Ah! I’m supposed to find out a few brochure and business card designs and some site enhancement elements. However, the reminder says it’s time to update Blog/ Articles in our site to Facebook page.  (You see, I had already dismissed the reminder thrice). 

Hmmm, tomorrow is another catch up day for me.