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I am a Looser

I was walking through the bustling crowds of majestic. Lost in my hurry to board into the bus I was rushing. Then I felt my pocket for my mobile and I realized I lost it!Yes, I am a ‘looser’!!!Oh it’s not for the first time and mobile is just one among my ‘stolen’ belongings!! I have let loose my passions, dreams and insights to mesmerize the world out there!! I let go my dreams that could take you to a ride to the moon. You might be wondering what on earth my dreams have to do with you!The crazy wild stolen dreams have been quenching my boss’s thirst for unique and different things. I let my self ‘loose’ the seeds of my dreams and imaginations into the fields of creativity yielding a harvest of beauties unheard and unseen. Always my stolen dreams, ‘lost’ passions, harvested dreams always have been replaced with yet more crazy and wilder ideas How on earth one could miss reaping such pure and blissful dreams that are being refilled from time to time? Yes I am looser who gambles with dreams, passions and creativity always to win millions for one!!!I am a looser of passion and dreams who ends up in winning you thousand other things while earning herself a million beautiful other dreams….

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  1. i have a home-sickness
    never-at-home sickness

    ;-) ;-) good thought!

    Yes, home is a place we grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.