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Someone was painting the sky red

I opened my eyes into the clock on the wall. It showed 7 am. I looked out through the windows and the Sky out there was red. For a moment I felt nothing unusual. But with in fraction of seconds I realized the sky being red is not normal!!! Haven’t I been singing “roses are red and skies are blue” right from my kindergarten???

I sprang up from the bed dashed out to get a full view of the sky. It was amazing; I could not help thinking to myself. Both the Sun and the Moon were there in the Sky.

The Sky was red but partially and looked like a badly dyed bedspread. How it could be, I wondered. Then after a while I consoled myself that from today own wards the Sky going be red, the Son and Moon are going to be present together. And the educational departments will have a busy time correcting the basics. But a weird red Sky would be the last thing to stop me from getting back to my work, I realized. At office, at cafes, in crowded BMTC buses, people discussed about it with a pinch of fear and fun. By the time the Sky was turning redder and redder.

The red night spread over the city. There was no Sun in the Sky. I sat on my terrace looking at the red shining Sky with funny looking stars. In Radio City the RJ wound up her program wishing everyone a Red-Night and the newsreader of NDTV was still trying to get some scientists online for better explanations. Mmm it’s not really bad, it s gorgeous. Then I got reminded of what the boss said as I was rushing out from the office late in the late evening. I need to write a caption for our own company E-campaigns based on the new “developments in the Sky”.

What is it! Some thing is slowly coming crawling down from the moon. Gosh it’s a ladder. It was 12 midnight. Fear gripped me. But I could not move as the ladder comes down and down till it anchored on my terrace. With a mixed feeling of terror and excitement I looked at the ladder that hung from the moon to find nothing on it. Something is moving from the ladder. It’s a tiny figure. The thoughts about aliens and ETs came to my mind. Though scared I could not help looking at the moving figure on the ladder. Finally the figure landed on my terrace forcing me to accept the truth that it’s non other than the child who fishes sitting on the half moon in Dream works Animations website. It was the fishing rod and his half folded jeans that made me into realize the truth.

As he stepped on to the terrace he asked me “Can I use your bath room? As I have been painting the sky I need to tidy myself a bit.”

Then I noticed his whole body was smeared with the stains of red paint. Though confused I showed him the bath room. As I heard water splashing from the bath room I wrote the caption my boss wanted me to do for the next day-

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