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I can't and i just can't;(

Well, it’s the fourth dry day of this week! I can’t stand it anymore. Imagine sitting in the office for continuous 4 days. (I remember the same me was grumbling about the pile of work. I was screaming that the pressure is too much and I can’t handle it. Hmmm, that’s last week. It’s this week. Can’t mess up them, alle?)

I felt very sad that there is no clock on the wall for me to kill my time counting it. (Counting time looking at ones mobile is a bit too much as u all know)

So I spent my whole time fighting with Boobs, pulling Kunju’s or Nandu’s legs-I did it just that they give their legs for me to pull it. Surfing endless surfs. And the photos of Paratha and some fishes ready to fry invoked the hidden desires in me. (I came across those pics in the Orkut profiles of one of N’s friends. I really hate her for asking me to go through her ‘that’ friend’s profile.) I thought I would give M some amusement as well. So I rang her up, and went in hunt for Kerala Paratha and chicken Curry. We landed in a hotel. The waiter walked to us and recited Chicken Biriyani and the names of some rice items-we (I) frowned to him and asked for Paratha and Chicken Curry. We waited and finally it came in another ten minutes, I who was particularly hungry for Paratha and chicken curry fell on it. Took one piece from the Paratha and dipped it in the Chicken curry and threw it to my mouth. All my happiness fade out, it had disgusting taste (though M finds nothing wrong with the curry). Poor me as I have highly developed taste I had to eat Paratha without curry.

Mmmm, it always happens with me. And I know my problem is my highly developed taste. What to do! I can’t stop living just that the world has not grown up to my standards;(

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