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Dada, I am sorry for everything.

He is the most charismatic leader who changed the way India played cricket. He is the man who walked side by side with controversies, enduring them silently with that mystic smile on his face.

Sourav Ganguly became captain of the Indian cricket team, in the most turbulent times. He was the country's most successful captain, both in One-days and Tests; he was one of the most graceful batsmen the game has seen, probably matchless on the off-side; he was easily one of the most controversial ones too. But above all, he was the charismatic leader who changed the way India played its cricket.

Though he is the one of the most successful captain team India ever had, one of the biggest clichés about him is that half the world loves him while the other half hates him. And I remember how I used to hate him, how I used to blame him saying that he is the most arrogant captain India ever had.

But I failed to see the fighter in him, I failed to see his endless passion for cricket and his unshakeable desire in the heart to overcome all the hurdles only to come back and play good cricket. Dada, I am sorry for everything.

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  1. Love your blog:)

    It was cool to have our street encounter the other day. I was rushed, so didn't get a chance to talk much. Hope all is well!